Razed in Black Am I 2 Blame? Lyrics

Artist: Razed in Black
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Length: 5:02

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Am the one that you lust
The U aim 2 please
The one you’ll take a beating
Get down on your knees
The one you’re shy to trust
Though allowed to do it all
Your prince of theives
You beg and you crawl
… U say that I

U say that I …
Your aphrodeia
Subject of self-pleasure
Force you subconsciousness to hide
… U say that I
bring out the beast within
the porn star deep inside
bring out the stripper, pimp, ho, slut
… U say that I

It’s like you’re cast under a spell
I’ve place upon you
Unlike you’ve ever been before
Tell me – Am I 2 Blame?

U say that I …
The one that U say
Drown innocence away
Transform the meek to sensual slaves
U say that I …
The one you call master
The one I make quiver
The one you beg you’re desperate in need

And I crawl away
As I fall (for you)
Are you one to blame for this