Razed in Black - Forlorn Lyrics

Artist: Razed in Black Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on Shrieks, Laments & Anguished Cries
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this whole situation has gone insane
Exit stage left when the way is clear,
but nothing's right and no one's near
As my soul creeps towards the flame of the unholy.
Oh, what a shame!
The black gets darker, the world gets bluer,
my peace of mind gets fucking greyer.

You breathe not air but the scent of the kill,
if follows you ass like a shadow of guilt.
Truth lies with whatever you find,
yet clouds you vision like you are blind.

You fell to your knees as you wept
tears unworthy of being kept.
Confusion: the only state of mind to live by
with understanding.

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