Stars Lead the Way Lyrics

Reach the Sky

album: Track 12 in album Friends, Lies, and the End of the World
release date: 2001-3-20
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length: 3:57

Cover Art

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sometimes i try to figure it all out because i thought i knew you so well. so unhappy for so long, you promised (it would) always be the same. lonely and sad, your heart did roam. and all the choices that we made. in a faithful heart, i still hold hope. your memory enshrined, yet i'm all alone. you looked me right into my eye. "i won't let you down, have i ever lied to you?". when this fallen star shines everyday. and still i'm crying out. there's nowhere to turn. you can't hide when it hits so close to home. and these fears won't ever leave me be, lessons that i never thought i'd have to learn. so recall, this is my cross to bear. but can't you see what it's supossed to be this way. never did i dream, some things won't disappear. you looked me right into my eye, "i won't ever let you down, have i ever lied to you?" when you walked away, this man would never be the same. this fallen star still shines everyday and no, it won't disappear.

Track Listing

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