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Reba McEntire One Honest Heart Lyrics

Artist: Reba McEntire Lyrics
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Album: Track 2 on If You See Him
Length: 3:53

Times are tough on an honest heart.
People don't follow through with what they start.
Lyin' eyes looking at me up and down.
Makin' talk that's only cheap.
Makin' promises they never keep.
But I keep lookin' for what I still haven't found.

One honest heart.
That I can believe in.
Two lovin' arms that will never let me go.
One good man that I can count on.
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It shouldn't be so hard.
Findin' one honest heart.

Now I've been close a time or two.
I thought I saw my dream comin' true.
But I was just livin' in a fairy tale.
I won't play the fool again.
I won't play a game that I can't win.
But I still have faith and keep tellin' myself.

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