Reba McEntire - Sleeping With the Telephone Lyrics

Artist: Reba McEntire Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Reba: Duets
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I knew who he was
When I took his name
But somehow knowin'
Is just not the same late at night
He knows the danger
But he does what he does
He calls it duty
But I call it love
So here I am
While he's gone
To some foreign land

And I cry
'Cause I'm all alone
And the nights get so cold and long
And I try not to think he won't come home
But I'm sleeping with the telephone

The yellow ribbon on my neighbor's gate
Always reminds me that someone's awake
Just like me
I hear the sirens
And I watch the news
He laughs and leaves with his gun
And his blue uniform
And I pray God keeps him safe from harm


I loose him in my darkest dreams
And my blood runs cold and my heart skips a beat
So I get up, I can't take anymore
Sometimes I hate how much I love him
But everyday I love him more

And I try not to think he won't come home
But I'm sleeping with the telephone

Something awakes me from where he should be
I reach for him, the telephone rings

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