Reba McEntire Bad for My Own Good Lyrics

Artist: Reba McEntire
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Length: 3:40

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I thought I had my life under control I was the one in charge of my heart and soul Now I must focus in I'm losin more sleep than I should I want you too badfor my own good yeah My intuition tells me I'm in to deep This time this heart of mine is playing for keeps I've fallen harder than I ever imagined I would I want you to bad for my own good chorus If anyone had told me i'd be feelin like this I would have laughed in their face Now I'm addicted to the thrill of you kiss And it's a habit that I can't break My independence is a thing of the past My better judgment is fading fast But i wouldn't give you up Not even if I thought I could I want you too bad for my own good I want you to bad for my own good For my own good Oh, for my own good yeah For my own good
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