Reba McEntire - I Don't Think Love Ought to Be That Way Lyrics

Artist: Reba McEntire Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Feel the Fire
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(Layng Martine Jr., Richard Mainegra)

Oh, I'm feeling so fine and you're looking so good
And I'd like to get together
Oh Lord, I wish we could
But there's someone at home
Who's depending on me
And boy they'd never know it
If I set my passions free

But I don't think love ought to be that way
No I don't think love ought to be that way
I could tell him a lie
And I know I'd get by
But I don't think love ought to be that way

You say a precious moment
Is all that it would be
That I'd forget about you
And you'd forget me
Oh I love what you're saying
It's tempting me so
And though I love to hear it
There's no way that I'll let go

Repeat Chorus

No (Repeat Chorus x3)

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