Reba McEntire - I Was Glad to Give My Everything to You Lyrics

Artist: Reba McEntire Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on Reba McEntire
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Oh I know it's hard for you to say it's over
Well it's twice as hard for me to let you go
Out there I hope you find a softer shoulder
But before you leave there's something you should know

I was glad to give my everything to you
Yeah we almost made our every dream come true
And though we didn't have the chance to see it through
I was glad to give my everything to you

Oh you say you need a little room for breathing
Somehow I guess you know I'd understand
And though you're hurting me
I still can't help in believing
I'd be glad if I could do it all again


Oh I was glad to give my everything to you

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