Reba McEntire - Nobody Dies From a Broken Heart Lyrics

Artist: Reba McEntire Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on So Good Together
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Nobody told me
It could ever hurt so bad
I'm having to learn the hard way
Now that you're gone
It's hurting me more
Than any pain I've ever had
And I don't know how I can go on

Nobody dies from a broken heart
Give it time, and your dreams will start again
I know love can tear you apart
But nobody dies from a broken heart

Everyone tells me
It's gonna take a little time
Before you find your heartaches
Slipping away
I know you mean well
And they're just trying to ease my mind
But it doesn't help to hear them say


There's nothing anybody's gonna say
That'll talk me out of feeling this way
There's nothing anybody else can do
To take away my love for you

I know they mean well
And they're just trying to ease my mind
It doesn't help them to hear them say


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