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Artist: Rebecca Lynn Howard Lyrics
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Album: Track 3 on Rebecca Lynn Howard
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You hold the pole and I'll try to net him
I'll wade out up to my waist
Been standin' on the bank all day hot and sweaty
We can't let this one get away
Take your time, let the line sink it the bottom
'Cause we sure don't want it to break
But if the fish stop bitin' and it gets hotter
It sure feels good out here in the water

Baby just come on and jump in here with me
You can leave your clothes on or underneath that tree
It's a whole lot cooler, I really think you oughta
It sure feels good, feels real good out here in the water

Just tie him off to the hitch on the bumper
Let that bad boy fight himself
If he gets loose then we'll hook another
But while we've got a little daylight left
Forget the fish, we can dish all of our troubles
Right here in this lake
It gets deeper out a bit farther
It sure feels good out here in the water


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