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Album: Track 8 on God
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By Rebecca St. James & Tedd T.

They laugh 'cause they see
I live for more than me
They point their fingers,
Push me nearer to the flame
They say "We serve no one"
"We just live to please ourselves"
All men serve something…


Father, carry me high, lift me to the sky
Let me be where you are
Hold me, ever so closely, let me know your mercy
Let me be where you are

They can laugh, but let them see
You are the hope in me
They can point their fingers
Push me nearer to the flame
God, You can save me from the fire
I'm Yours, even if you don't
Whatever comes I take this vow
I will never bow…

I will never bow…

Until you find something
Worth dying for
You're not really living
I will never bow…


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