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Artist: Rebelution Lyrics
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Album: Track 8 on Bright Side of Life
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So hear me now while allowed
It's a good time to tell you when to smile, not to frown
Yes you're all shot down and you might ask how
Time flies by and you just found out

You're almost to the point where you can't turn back
You've got a leveled head on a one-way track
Don't tell me there's an end to a road
Your goal set on hold, don't think that you can go alone okay?

But keep me up to date I promise you I'll never lose the faith
When you get up, go on escape to a scary world
The old cliché is true you do what you gotta do
I'm tryin to put out something new

I'm always at the edge of my seat
Constantly containing that kinetic energy
Constantly I'm reigning in the sweet melody
And I'm humming tunes to sleep
Watch me hit the peak and I'll stay up for good

This is what I'll say to you
This is my advice for you
Show me love and I'll come through
This is what it comes down to

And I'll be shouting with my hands in the air
I don't care what they say, stop the hate
I'll replace it with my eyes focused in on a place
Designed to keep a peace and refrain from race killing race

Oh my god, did you hear?
The time it takes for me to make a difference is a near
And I'm a keep on trying cause there ain't nothing I fear
On the real, hide the tears
We'll keep it flowing with a beat right here

This is what I'll say to you
This is my advice for you
Show me love and I'll come through

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