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Artist: Red Rat Lyrics
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Album: Track 15 on Oh No... It's Red Rat
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Car man a rush har round di clock
Yuh woulda think she a run parts shop
But any time yuh see a cris car stop
Just look if Charlene inna dat
Charlene have pretty car eye
She see mi inna Lexus an a die
And now har friend tell mi she nuh stop cry
Say she want piece a mi body
A nuh lie
Charlene have pretty car eye
She a see yuh inna Benz and cry
Trust mi rudebwoy mi naah tell no lie
She a want piece a yuh body
From she little bit and jus a buss front teeth
She a fight har big sister dem fi front seat
She know when every car sound clash a keep
She all a mad over Topless Jeep
Well she have a fault when she see man inna Lexus
Dem she want caah she claim she nuh tek bus
She did have a Prelude man inna Christmus
Now is Benz man she a eyes an a lust
Say she a hot gal so hot car she haffi inna
She nuh want nuh uno man, him haffi drive bimmer
On the way from church she see a Maxima
Thru dat she backslide an tun sinner
She say Infiniti car look so divine
Wuss if the rims dem criss and a shine
Fi old jilopy she say she nuh have time
She see the Lexus and think it was mine
Thru she know some artists a big star
She waan par wid wi thru wi have criss car
She say Beenie man car wha day did hard
But now a General latest Accord
She swear blind she wouldnt drive inna Deportee
And VW is definitely not she
She wouldnt even tek Lada fi taxi
A Benz, Bimmer and Infiniti

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