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Artist: Red Rat Lyrics
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Album: Track 14 on Monsters of Dancehall
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Eeh (This is the police, we have the building surrounded)
Yeah (Come out with your hands up)
Its the Rat
(Chorus x2)
Last night, I woke up in a curfew
Babylon said dont move else Ill hurt you
I saw blood in his eyes thats when I started to cry
My God Im gonna die
(Verse 1)
(Last night) Lock up inna mi house mi an mi woman a sleep
Unda di sheet becau mi hear gunshot a beat
Blaow mi tek a peep tek a small look outta street
Knock di soldier bwoy knock pon him belly a greet
Kick dun mi door a ask mi where a di gun mi a keep
Seh tonight dem a go send mi six feet unda neat
Pop dem a go fling mi body inna somebody sheet
Mi gyal a cry mi a go die mi nah no gun dat deep
(Verse 2)
Yo dem kick mi like a ball
A fling my head inna di bag
An box mi inna mi ears mi hear
Like a snake dem all
Dem point di tall up tall an sen mi up go fall up fall
Tell dem wid di gun, man an seh mi nuh fi stall dem stall
Mi nah go pon like mi brave, big man a bawl
I beg fi mi life an a fling mi time fi fall
I prayed to fadda God, Lord, seh please save mi life
An hope him answer di call, because
(Verse 1)
(Chorus x2)

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