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A Child is born in Bethlehem
In Bethlehem
And gladness fills Jerusalem
Allelujah, allelujah.
A lowly manger shelters Him
This Holy Boy
God's angels sing above with joy
Allelujah, allelujah!
We now give thanks eternally
to God, the Holy Trinity
Allelujah, allelujah!
The work which His goodness began
The arm of His strength will complete
His promise is Yea and Amen
And never was forfeited yet.
Things future, nor things that are now
Not all things below or above
Can make Him His purpose forego
Or sever my soul from His love.
My name from the palms of His hands
Eternity will not erase
Imprest on His heart, it remains
In marks of indelible grace.
Yes! I to the end shall endure
As sure as the earnest is giv'n
More happy, but not more secure
When all earthly ties have been riv'n...

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