Remy Zero - Temenos (Here Comes The Shakes) Lyrics

Writer(s) : TATE, SHELBY
Artist: Remy Zero Lyrics
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Downed in the room
where I live,
scored some broken glass.
Breaking up, losing force.

Hold my fingers up to the lightwell,
and the light is strange,
but I'm alright.
It's strange, but it's all right.

It is the tri-coloured fields
and my dream.
And all the people lean
to the sun all the time.
I saw you there.

My eye plays
camera tricks again.
The shutter clicks,
camera tricks.
I fade, I fade.


Doot doot doo doot doot...
Doot doot doo doot doot...

I tried to find something.
Well, I only found nothing.
There go the roof, here come the sky.
Let in the sun, here come the shakes.

Here come the shakes!

Repeat chorus.

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