Rev Theory - Hollow Man Lyrics

Writer(s) : Luzzi, Rich / Jorgensen, Julien / Agoglia, Dave / Mccloskey, Matty / Thomas, Richard B
Artist: Rev Theory Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Justice
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I could walk all night
And never find what's right
Searching for some peace
To fill the void in me
Yeah, yeah

So was it hard for you to go?
Did I fail to let you know
That you are the one I needed most?
Was is it hard you leave
Without a care for me?
It takes time to embrace the cold
Until than I'm just a Hollow Man

Steel frame in my mind
Has faded black and white
All that's left to say
15 years to late


What have I become?
The shadow of the sun?


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