Rev Theory - Selfish And Cold Lyrics

Writer(s) : Luzzi, Rich / Mccloskey, Matty / Agoglia, Dave / Jorgensen, Julien
Artist: Rev Theory Lyrics
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Album: Track 5 on Truth Is Currency
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Your voice is killing me, your words are hard as they come
The thoughts that sit in here fall like bullets to the floor
Your heart is pulling me the cut runs deeper as it flows
The scars that cannot heal the hurt is covered to the bone
Cause every time it gets so complicated
While I'm laying down in doubt
I'll just tell myself I'm leaving here
Cause I'm selfish and I'm cold
And I feel like the world is ending
Faithless and I've fallen again
Cause I'm selfish and I'm cold
And I feel like we're all pretending
Careless and I'm lonely again
And I am torn on the inside
The trust is dead in me, walls close higher all around
The cross I cannot bear feels like pressure coming down
Until now the world was never jaded
Now I'm left here on my own to pick up the pieces
This time it tears right through me
I face the pain and I'm torn
(this time it tears right through me)
It's not so far away
Not far enough, not far enough

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