Rev Theory Ten Years Lyrics

Artist: Rev Theory
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Length: 3:42

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Ten years from now, when I turn around
Will I be satisfied?
When I look back on life
Don't tell me it's too late
Don't tell me that I threw it all away
Don't tell me that I did this all in vain

[Chorus: ]
I have my reasons, why I walk this lonely road
If I never return, was it worth the life
Sacrifice, ten years from now

When she looks at me (she sees right through me now)
All the emptiness in her eyes
So damn hard to speak (can't say a word out loud)
There's no words to make this right
She tells me that I'm lost
I know that she will never understand (even if I'm wrong)
I know that I will do it all again

[Chorus: Repeat 3X]