Reverend Bizarre - Slave of Satan Lyrics

Artist: Reverend Bizarre Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on II: Crush the Insects
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You are playing with evil things
Claim to be a magician, but you know nothing about it
You are just a sorry fool

Let me tell you this
I have seen the Prince of Darkness, and he is nothing to be messed with
He is much stronger than you ever thought

One day you will understand, but I´m afraid that it´s too late
because he has got your soul
and there is no way to get it back

What do you think, when you lie there at the altar
waiting for some ugly jerk to rape you
as a sacrificial fuck?

You are Satan´s slave
just a stupid child
You say you are in love with Evil
I say you are out of your mind!

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