Reverend Bizarre - Strange Horizon Lyrics

Artist: Reverend Bizarre Lyrics
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I can lead our path - There´s no time to lose!
Hand in hand we´ll go in to the land below
where we can be free - There´s no time to lose!

Run by my side in search of distant light
pointing our way - Soon the dreams will come!
In the eyes of child fear towards the night.
Long way to the sun - Soon the dreams will come!
Beyond the Strange Horizon!

Walk the road of Death. Try to save your breath
´cause soon we´ll face Our Lord - We leave this world behind!
Free among the dead from sins we once plead.
Eternal is our love - We leave this world behind.

Blessed be those within grief.
I invite you to relief.
Leave your pain to the earth.
Under the tombstone is birth.

You just gotta believe!!!

Baby don´t be afraid even though it´s late.
I can lead our path - There´s no time to lose.

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