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I know what we said
And every word was honest
You won't leave my head
I can;t keep my promise

Can't be away from you
Won't be away from you

I grieve for what is not
For every memory waisted
And I can't bear the thought
With kisses left untasted

So I'm comin' for you
I'm comin' for you


You wanna make me start over
You make me wanna start new
Forget the world we know
Baby don't look back let's just go

I have longed for you
For ninety-seven senses
My heart knows what is true
Won't have one more second of it

Can't be away from you
Won't be away from you

(Repeat bridge)
(Repeat chourus)

And be together
And take the dare
And disappear into thin air

[Intrustmental break]

(Repeat bridge)
(Repeat chourus)

(Guitar rift)

go oh oh oh

[Instrustmental fade out]

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