Richard Marx - When You Loved Me Lyrics

Artist: Richard Marx Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on Stories to Tell
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I'm back at the corner
Where we said goodbye
I turn and I see you
But don't trust my eyes
You look at me
And I can't breathe

Had every word perfect
For when this day would come
But standing here now
I can't find even one
All I want to say
Is written on my face

I close my eyes every time I wake up
'Cause every little thing makes me think of
When you loved me
When you loved me
And I don't really want to talk about the weather
The truth is that I was better
When you loved me
When you loved me

I'm sure that there's somewhere that you've got to go
But give me one more minute
One more memory to hold
And wherever you're goin' to
Take this with you


I try to wish you away
You're gone today but
You'll be back tomorrow
This lie
That I call goodbye
Won't let go
Won't let me go


I'm back at the corner
Where we said goodbye

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