Rick Ross Everyday Im Hustlin' Lyrics

Artist: Rick Ross
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Hustlin, Hustlin, Hustlin', 7x
Everyday Im day Im hustlin, 15x

[Verse 1]

Who the f*ck you think you f*ckin with, im the f*ckin boss 745 white on white that's f*ckin ross
I cut em wide, I cut em long, I cut em fat
I keep em commin back, We keep em commin back
Im in the distribution
Im like atlantic
I got the motha f*ckers flyin across the atlantic
I know pablo, noreager(sp), the real noreager
He owe me 100 favors
I aint petty nigga
We buy the whole thing
See most of my niggas really still deal cocaine
My roof back, My money right
Im on the pedal, show you what Im runnin' like
When they snatch black I cry for 100 nights
He got 100 bodies, serving 100 lifes


Every day Im hustlin about 8x

[Verse 2]

We never steal cars, but we deal hard
Whip it real hard whip it whip it real hard
I caught a charge, I caught a charge
Whip it real hard whip it whip it real hard
Aint bought no funny sh*t still b*tches and business
Im on my money sh*t still whippin' dem benz's
Major league who catchin' because im pitchin'
Jose Cansaco just snitchin' because he's finish
I feed 'em steriods to strenthen up my chickens
They flyin' over pacific to be specific
Triple C's you know it's back we holdin' sacks
So niggas go on rat
Run and tell 'em that
Mo Cars, Mo Hoes
Mo clothes, Mo blows


Every day Im hustlin about 8x

[Verse 3]

Its time to spend my thrills
Custom spinnin wheels
I aint drove in a week
Them b*tches spinnin still
Talk about me because these suckas scared to talk about me
Killas talkin' 'bout me it aint no talk about me
It aint no walkin 'round me
See all these killas 'round me
Lotta drug dealin' 'round me goin' down in Dade County
Don't tote no .22's magnum cost me 22
Sat it on 'em 22
Birds go for 22
Lil mama super thick
She say she 22
She seen them 22's
We in room two 22
I touch work like a convertable vert I got distributions so Im convertin' the work
In the MIA-Yo them niggas rich off the yayo
Steddy slangin' yayo
My Chevy bangin' yayo


Every day Im hustlin about 8x
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