Rittz Questions 2012 Lyrics

Artist: Rittz
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People ask me questions
When you gonna get a mill
You blowing up rich
Tell me how the fuck I feel
You was on the sign with yellawolf, right?
Then you signed with interscope
Why you tryina get a record deal?
Why you sitting still?
You ain’t putting nothing new
In a minute, but fuck it truthfully
I get the head
You come rocking on track
Matter of fact, I’ve hit your manager up about a feature
You ever check your mail?
You be on twitter still,
I think I messaged you a couple days ago
You ain’t responded yet
Snap on a chris calico
Break have you ever take,
You gonna get to do a song but take
You really smart coke like you said you do on your record...
Let me know because I got the soft from ...
I really thought you was black
When I heard you on vox chevy...
I see you want... speak with the boss
Can I boss the freestyle for me and you it’s just the life
Listen to me I rap fast like you
Me and my homie boy gotta produce beats
I think that you would like some other tracks
But you, you wanna shot, you wanna bump, you wanna smoke
You want some hoes
I got a bitch that will give us all head
In the hotel when you wanna go
Does your girl really trippin you when you be on the road
Is she the one you talk about sleeping at night
Is that her in the video
Nah dummy, that’s an actress
On real girlfriend at home piss
Cause she on facebook saw me take a picture with a fat chick
What you like? Fat chicks? Black chicks?
Well you so pussy buy I never seen you met chicks
I don’t rather get the women,
I just want a wife and a normal life one day I never had shit
Last year I was cooking in the kitchen
One night I made 20 bracks and a piece of catfish
Getting off worst sweating
Taking my clothes going a show
....but you got bread now right, can you hook me up at the job
You never wanna pick up in the car
All my homies looking at me like they got some kind of a problem
...besides, ...you are the best, I say nah, I’m next.