Robert Forster - Let Your Light In, Babe Lyrics

Artist: Robert Forster Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on The Evangelist
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Mrs Ellis said. “There’s someone you should meet here in the church”. I lent my back again, up against the church and went back inside. There was a woman and a child whom I’d not seen and Mrs Ellis said. “The woman is a friend, new to this town, a mother and a child”. Let your light in babe, and don’t you be afraid. I live by myself. A mile from the church and do my work at home. The house was a gift, given from a friend on whom I used to care. Named Silius Farm, though it’s not a farm, but a house amidst trees. And Mrs Ellis said, but I stopped her and said. “They can stay with me”. Let your light in babe, and don’t you be afraid. (later), Mrs Ellis said. ‘Now are mother and child well?” I said. “They are well. The mother is in bed. The child is at school and I must be rushing home!” Let your light in babe and don’t you be afraid

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