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Album: Track 9 on Something Else
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I want something else [Repeat: x2]

I'm a man
I love my drink
I like the girls
I've walked these streets
But I need a break, some new town
Cause the way it tastes
It is going down (i say)

I want something else
I love the stuff
It's never enough
I want something else
You know what I need
Just give it to me please

Losing control, I'm about to explode tonight

I got a girl
She's tired of this city
She wants to go where
She feels pretty (yes)
She wants a new mind
Sexy all the time
In the middle of the dinner
She whispers in my ear (says)


I'm losing control, I'm about to explode tonight

I need to know [Repeat: x8]

It's never enough [Repeat: x8]

[Chorus: x2]

I'm losing control, I'm about to explode tonight

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