Rockapella - My Home Lyrics

Writer(s) : Yazbek, David N / Altman, Sean D
Artist: Rockapella Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Vocobeat
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Is it the sky today
The way the wind's pushing the clouds
Or is it the late day sun
Pushing the shadows over the ground
That brings on these memories
Of people and places that I've never seen
And voices so strange and so sweet
Asking me softly
Where is my home?
What makes this person me?
Is it the little town where I was born?
Or maybe it's history
The faces of family I've never known
Somewhere across the sea
Where my great-grandmother left long ago
Under a cold crying moon
Looking for something
Where is my home?
Where is my home
The walls of a city
Painted with promises and words so unkind?
Where is my home
The trees of a country
Where autumn came suddenly
That I'll never find
But then there's your face, dear
And I know I'll never be walking alone
The love in your eyes makes it clear
Telling me softly
This is my home

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