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Album: Track 1 on To N.Y.
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Tatsuro Yamashita, English lyric Michael Himelstein)

Close my eyes and I am close to you
I can concentrate on the view of the blue horizon
Passing through waves of time, past and present

Now I can see all my dreams from the sweet beginnings
There are scenes of a world that spinning new
All for love, all for us, we can find it

Ride on time, we can last forever
Flying high living it together
Endlessly, hold me closer in your arms
We'll ride on time, love is overflowing
Swear that I'm gonna keep it going
Fly with me, love will let us ride on time

Don't you see how my heart has turned around
My life was slowly going down it took you to lift it up
And my heart is the gift I'll deliver

Now cause my love is not in doubt and I feel it
>From the inside out I can see the future shine
Bright with you in your arms, I can feel it

Ride on time, morning light is breaking
See it shine, time is for the taking
Make the climb, my soul is reaching for the stars
Ride on time, let's not lose the moment
So alive, and I know you know it
Fly with me, love will let us ride on time

Don't forget to bring it home
To my heart, let it shine bright forever

* Ride on time, we can last forever
You and I, living it together
Fly with me, love will let us ride on time

* Repeat

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