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(Ralph McCarthy and Masahiro Ikumi)

*We take the green train, baby, and I show you 'round
>From Takadanobaba up to Ueno town
You may get crazy, girl, but don't get out of line
Train is movin' fast, it's gonna be on time

Cherry blossom, Fujiyama
Geisha ladies in designed clothes
There's a party gettin' started
Just another day in Tokyo

** Tokyo's a celebration
Watch it whirl, around and 'round and 'round we go
Tokyo's a revelation
Boys and girls, do the Tokyo Yo-Yo

***You wanna party more, well it's a party town
Get up and wiggle down into the underground
>From Akasaka over to Asakusa
You go a-rock-'n'-rollin' with the one you love

Cherry blossoms, Fujiyama
Salarymen samurais 'n' sons
Karaoke mama-san, she
Pours your sake when the day is done

** Repeat

Didn't I tell you baby, Tokyo's a blast
The city of the future, present and the past
Hey, anything you want, you gonna find it here
You better grab it fast before it disappears

* *** Repeat

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