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Artist: Rocko Lyrics
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Album: Track 14 on Self-Made
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I done a lot of good, I done a lot of wrong, dis real ****, I advise u listen to this song.
A ***** robbed me 15 yrs ago(where)
Back in canridge swats sides on 4, never forget that day, thought it was all g's, but *****s hating man dey hating on a small g.
Stuck me witha shank, left a whole in ma face, took my heroin, bone, money, beeper off my waist. Next day I squad up, got all the
Tools out, got a hot bos, roll round lookin for dudes house, lucky for me I ain't catch him, woulda been dead, unlucky for him
****ed round, he touched the wrong kid, that karm fool, it hit cha from the blind side, he got shot 9 times now he paraylized,
Plz forgive him lord, even a thug pray, but I pray my past don't come back to haunt me

Told me it was destiny, came to me 1 night I was dreamin, dese crazy visions I kept on seeing, all the money and clothes, all
The drugs that I sold from the life that I chose, but it could be karma, cause all these things u do it could haunt cha, if u do it wrong it come right back
On ya, all the money and clothes, all the drugs that I sold could be the reason u ain't livin tomorrow.

I remember I flexed a ***** for a couple chips, juss being greedy man
I ain't even need dat ****, country *****, he know me from a peice of meat,
But I had to do it to him man dat ***** was supa sweet,
next week u won't believe what happned to me, dem folk came I took a loss on like 400g's,
dat lil 100 stack cost me 300 strong, but it's my fault because dat **** I did was dead wrong.
Damn y I do dat ****, dat was supa dumb, too late to cry about it
Now ***** what's done is done, u do bad u get bad, and dats karma buddie,
it don't matter where u hide, ain't no runnin from it.
I asked myself have I paid for all this Dirt I done
or is it gonna catch up wit me before my time is done,
I'm doin good good now, I can honestly say,
but I pray my past don't come back to haunt me

Generational curse cause of what my daddy did, wat his daddy did,
dat **** sound weird, I know the words so I know that ain't right, forgive me lord,
I'm just Tryin' get my stack right.
The bible said he said "for was both life and death"
blessings and curses told us choose 4 ourselfs.
He told us choose life so we can Stay blessed so u and yo kids can have different sets.
Instead we choose death, you know that curse sign, dat kill a *****,
sell dope, u know that dirt sign I'm doin'
Good now, I can honestly say, but I pray my past don't come back to haunt me

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