Rod Stewart - In My Own Crazy Way Lyrics

Artist: Rod Stewart Lyrics
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Album: Track 7 on Every Beat of My Heart
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The mystery of you and me
Is colored blue on blue
We wanted more than we could give
We couldn't see it through

You won't believe these words from me
But still they're mine to say
I will always love you
In my own crazy way
I tried to keep my sanity

By being someone else
Someone that you could hold on to
I only fooled myself
I knew the part, but in my heart
The role I couldn't play

But I will always love you
In my own crazy way
I know I didn't do the little things
That could make a woman's heart sing forgive me
And darling if I brought you any pain
I'm trying to explain

In my heart, I was always true
The memories of you and me
Are written on the wind
And sometimes, girl, I'd give the world
To do it all again

And if you need to call me
I won't be far away
I will always love you
In my own crazy way

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