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Album: Track 10 on Time
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If there's one thing that I don't understand
It's the power of a woman and the weakness of a man
When the lodge go down and the loving begins
You bring me to my knees

One night with you has messed up my head
The well rehearsed tease and the things that you said
The erotic suggestions and the next metaphors
Made me want you more

Tell me how do you do the thing that you do to me
Over and over again
I'm addicted to your sexual religion
And I don't feel no shame
Tell me how do you do the thing that you do to me
Over and over again
I'm a helpless disaster in the temple of love
A slave to the pleasure and pain

When you're out on the dance floor
I'm checking your hips
And you let down your hair and your pop those lips
You're a heartbreaker honey and I can't let you go
You drive me out of my mind

And this drug that you're dealing is a powerful stuff
Your loving is working and sometimes not
You're a angel of Eden and an angel of love
And I just can't work you out


I'm real in deep this time
Can't sleep or eat but I'll be fine


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