Rod Stewart - What Do You Want Me to Do? Lyrics

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Artist: Rod Stewart Lyrics
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I tried to do the things in my own way
I tried to do what people say
but I was going nowhere fast
And now I'm turning to you at last

What do you want me to do
What so you want me to do
What do you want me to do, Lord

I can see the lights of home
But I can't get there on my own
I can see the landing strip
But I need you to guide my ship


I've been a fool and I've been a clown
I've let the enemy turn me around
I've wasted love and I've wasted time
I've been proud and I've been blind

There's such a lot of things to change
A whole world to arrange
And if you show me how
I'll begin right now


What do you want me to do, Lord
What do you want me to do, Lord
"Cause I'm listenin'
I'm listenin'
Lord, I'm listenin'
I'm listenin'

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