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Album: Track 22 on Party on With Rolf Harris
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Here's a song from sailing ship days and from a port called Gosport which is near
Plymouth in England. The heroin is a lady called Gosport Nancy who was a - who
ran - well, she knew a lot of the fellas. - Let's get on with it.

Gosport Nancy, she's my fancy
She's the girl to make good sport
How she greets ya when she meets ya
When your ship gets into port
All the Gosport ladies
They loves a sailor man
But at findin' a way to spend your pay
There's none like Gosport Nan

Now Gosport girls are good at dancing
There the best there is, no doubt
When the music sets them prancing
A-how they fling their skirts about
All the Gosport ladies
They can do the French Can-Can
But a real night kicks some fancy tricks
There's none like Gosport Nan

Now Gosport girls they love to gargle
Gosport girls they likes their tot
Rum and brandy, gin and shandy
Gosport girls all go the lot
All the Gosport ladies
They swigs the flowing can
But at knockin' it back with honest Jack
There's none like Gosport Nan

Now Gosport Nancy keeps a parlour
Where the lads can take their ease
She'll wake you, she'll shake you
She will do whate'er you please
Now all the Gosport ladies
They does the best they can
But at makin' a bed for a sailor's head
There's none like Gosport Nan
No there's - none - like - Gosport - Nan...

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