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I've got a problem
Got my grandmother down from the Camawheel Pub and she's recken to do the town
And she's got this fella, he's a Swedish ornithologist, she met him on the trip comin' down
Now, he's a weird sort of bloke, sense of humour like a wort, hasn't got a thing upstairs
But they need some money, ooh, and accommodation
Somebody to go and get their luggage from the station
Two canoe trip tickets down the Murrumbudgie River
And grannie wants to learn about underwater swimming
What d'ya reckon, any joy, could I organise a short term loan

Listen - no risk, no worries, no sweat - no problems, oh yeah
Look, she'll be right (don't worry), she'll be right, (ha-ha-ha) relax
No risk, no worries, no sweat - no problems, oh yeah
Look, she'll be right (stop worryin'), she'll be right

I'm in a bit of personal strife
See I just got back from the Nullabor Plain and me camera has had the sword
It's the bit through the lens, metre motor mamma-mia-fix, I lost it when they dammed the Ord
Then I recovered it covered up in Kununurra frog spawn and couldn't get the thing to work
And now the drive's had it and you can't get the batteries
And the flash gun attachment's all wedged up with matches
And the points need cleaning and there's sand in the shutter
Need a ten-eighth print from the film jammed in it
What d'ya reckon, any joy, could you fix it all by five o'clock, relax, (hah)

No risk, no worries, no sweat - no problems, ah yeah
Look, she'll be right, (hah), she'll be right

When we get right down to improvisation or acting off the top of the skull
Mate, when we play it by ear as they say in the classics
We - you know, pulsate - pulsate? yeah, that'll be right, yeah

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