I Will Not Lose Lyrics

Roll Deep

album: Track 15 in album Street Anthems
release date: 2009-10-26
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genres: Electronic Hip Hop
styles: UK Garage/Grime/Pop Rap
length: 3:54

Cover Art

Roll Deep Street Anthems cover art
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cant see me in the manor
willy just creep through the manor
bare gun man in my manor
niggers dont care in the manor
you might get jacked in the manor
some of them chat shit in the manor
i know, cause i use to be a prick in my manor
learn nuff tings in the manor
stay very low in the manor
no holds barr in the manor gonna show them
the blazing fire, the flame to make i break your set
take it to the neck and i say
you know im gonna take it to the neck and a sket
cause im a veteran
check out this lyrical flex
im a chedda man not begga man
gal wedger man, a bigger man
quite clever man, flop, never man
incase you wanna know, e3 thats a manor
now we're gonna hit em with the slammer

Jet Li
I will not lose
never, no way nor ever

dont use that jeep
when i creep on the beat
no time to sleep, got a killer technique
make any of your positions look weak
cause my style is just too...unique
got a friend in the front seat you might know
its wiley bow from pay as u go
when we're getting together we loco
going on terrible like you dont know
i got flo dan flowing like a big bad wolf
blowing a nigga right off course
ofcourse, i rate like a porshe, race like a horse
hit and run keep on buzzin those laws
look at my lady rock in a spa
rock a by baby rock in your car
im not a slayer but i spray a lot
lyrics that i got you telling your aunts


Jet Li
shot them quick
give em the stunner
thought i couldn't get down
thought i was a gonna
thought i was lost that i wouldn't see 2mora
but that was then when i unleashed the borough
i run right quick with the real old g's
i made a lot of mess, done alot of robberies
but now i make hits with the will and the breeze
and i still roll deep in the manor

even though you cant see me i can still see ya
i run faster, quick like a ninja
i am the master with the flows like a re-arranger
flows that can cause diseaster
making paper, bad behavior
dont try test me u know i dun told ya
me and my crew, we come to blaze fire
you can roll deep but we are roll deeper


Im quite distinctive, broken english
to estinguish, be elusive
quite repulsive when im abusive
when i put my...juice to uses
cause im the original define the syllabuls
fun loving criminal, raves, i fill em all
gonna kill em all getting lyrical
giving them the condition thats critical
As i eat through your club like a moth
and i carry on biting your flesh as its soft
spray like a sauner, just like the lurer
gimme one, in my back better crawl up
cause you'll fall off
choose it, loose a grip,
when i spit that venomous shit from the lip
it gets hectic when i turn the mic septic
make your body jet like a epileptic


see me just creep on the riddem like a poisonus spider
nuff of them are my youth nuff of them are minor
im a cold rider, gal finder
now we're gonna hit em with the sixty niner
draw for the niner, you thought i was a first timer
im the rolldeep rhymer watch when im gonna be a chart climber
now we're gonna hit em with the tiger
them cant see me anymore
everyday im gonna stay low to the floor
but before you wanna test my crew you better be sure
ready for me to blow up your sector
them boys aren't ready for the war
i draw the chainsaw in the lyrical war
i bet you never knew i had the keys to the door
some boy to get lubbed with a 4 by 4


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