Ronan Keating - If I Don't Tell You Now Lyrics

Writer(s) : WARREN, DIANE
Artist: Ronan Keating Lyrics
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Album: Track 9 on Ronan
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I've kept it inside
For the longest time
And I can't keep keepin' in
All this love that's inside my heart
Maybe it's safer not to say that I care
Maybe this road won't lead me anywhere

But if I don't tell you now
I may never get the chance again
To tell you that I need you
Tell you what I'm feeling
If I keep these feelings in
And if I don't say the words
How will you know what's inside my heart
How will you know then?
If I don't tell you now

I'd give anything to be in you dreams
And I can't stand standin' by
With this dream that's inside my heart
Maybe I'm only gonna make a mistake
And there's a chance maybe my heart will break


How will you know you're inside my show
Oh it's driving me crazy
Cause you don't see
You're the world to me
I'm so afraid to say the way that I feel


If I don't tell you know

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