Rory Gallagher I Fall Apart Lyrics

Artist: Rory Gallagher
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Length: 5:12

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Like a cat that's playing with a ball of twine
That you call my heart
Oh, but, baby, is it so hard
To tell the two apart?
And so slowly you unwind me
Till I fall apart

I'm only living for the hour
That I see your face
When that happens, I don't
Want to be no other place
Till the end of time
You'll be on my mind

I don't mind waiting for your love
For time I've got plenty of
Rain or shine - please, bring out your love
Make it shine like the stars above

I'm only living for the moment
When I hear your voice
Oh, I'm waiting
I don't have any choice
And the day is long
So won't you come where you should be?

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