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Well, it's a shin-kick morning
Gotta kickstart the day
Wind up my machine and I'll be on my way.

Well, a burning fever
Woke me up at dawn
I didn't have no choice, I had to carry on.

Well, my engine's overheating
And I'm running out of gas
I only got the two speeds and it's slow and fast.

Well, I got to find a town that's got some action
Got to find a place stays open late
Right away.

C.C. Mama
Motorcycle queen
I'm gonna catch up with you with my lightning wheels.
*sure look good in those tight blue jeans
It's cold black coffee
Eggs and grease
Stop in at the truckstop, I don't want to sleep.

Well, it's a shin-kick morning
I'm gonna turn up the heat
I'm racing all the truckers and I got them beat

*change in live lyrics

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