Rosie Thomas - October Lyrics

Writer(s) : ROSIE THOMAS
Artist: Rosie Thomas Lyrics
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Album: Track 6 on When We Were Small
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Make her a flower
In late December when the
Sun is not shining on her
Write her a love song and
Play it all day long to remind her
All that she is worth

But never never leave her

Take her on long drives for
Ice cream by sea sides and
Give her your coat when she is cold
Tell her you miss her when you're
Close enough to kiss her and that
You'd walk a thousand miles to tell her so

But never never leave her

Take photographs of her on
Brooklyn street in October
When her nervous smile is slightly curved
Some days when she is slightly down
Tell her it's okay to frown
It makes you just fall more in love with her

But never never never never leave her

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