Royal Crown Revue - She Walks on Fire Lyrics

Artist: Royal Crown Revue Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Walk on Fire
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She walks on fire,
yet I'll never know
When she's not with me
how our fever grows
To be desired and left standing cold
When she walks on fire
it pains me to know
I love her so, oh yes, I love her so.

Blue eyes turn black when our love's spoken slow
Red hearts shed jade light
when it's time to go
Love makes a liar of I when she's close
When she walks on fire
I'm waiting to know
If she love me so,
Oh if she loves me so

To be desired and left standing cold
Bring back the fire and oh...
See me with your heart
and not what it's told
When I walk on fire,
then I'll really know
She loves me so,
Oh yes, she loves me so.
She loves...loves me so.

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