Ruff Endz - Cash, Money, Cars, Clothes (feat. Memphis Bleek) Lyrics

Artist: Ruff Endz Lyrics
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Album: Track 4 on Someone to Love You
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Cash, Money, Cars, Clothes
This is how true ballers roll
Sitting on thangs, thugged-out chains
Coppin' them whips, Stacking them chips
Cash, Money, Cars, Clothes
This is how true ballers roll
Sitting on thangs, thugged-out chains
This is how playas play

Yo, we them B-More cats and we doin' big thangs
The B-More cats wearing thugged-out chains
Trips overseas, shopping sprees
I used to stand in line now I'm V.I.P.
Comin' thru stunnin' 20s on the truck
Model chicks in the back, yo they tryna fuck
Things different now, got money now
Just bought a new crib, and new whip now

We gon' toss it up tonight
We gon' do it up tonight
Poppin' bottles of cris tonight
Status V.I.P. tonight
Model chicks in ecstasy
Chillin' at the bar eye on me
Ain't no thang to spend a G
All you haters can't see me


Ladies! Puerto Rican or black
Asians, white girls throwing it back
Poppin' bottles of cris a case at a time
The V.I.P. jumping nothing but dimes
All of my dimes across the world
My US and my UK girls
Rotterdam to Amsterdam we keeping it hot
London to NY we partying non-stop


Yo, you know I drove in and out of the rove
I put a dent in the backseat of the bent, baby I'm young memph
Out the R-O click, money I spent it's untraceable
I'm a dog I'm untamable
M-Easy, so fresh so clean
My chick look so sick
Walk mean, ice it really don't matter
It's so clear she could fix her mascara
But you know I strip her right out of the vickie thong
Take her to the mall let her pick what she want
Let her see the team she can freak who she want
Cuz ma, I'm bleek I don't keep I don't love
But I never slip, ma I stay grip
Walk like they too tight, I don't slip
I get dough, this is get low
Ride with Ruff Endz let niggaz know!


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