Ruff Endz - You Mean the World to Me Lyrics

Artist: Ruff Endz Lyrics
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Album: Track 12 on Someone to Love You
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Oh, listen girl
It's plain to see that you're the one
Every moment I'm around you, I fall
Cause everything you say and do
It always comes straight from the heart
And there's no mistaking
You make me the best I can be
They can keep the stars and mountains and seas

You are the world to me
You are the world to me
For all the rest of my life
And heaven can see
You are the world to me

Oh you are, oh yeah baby
I'm better off when you light the way
It doesn't matter if there's no move at all
The reason I live everyday
Oh I felt the home in your heart
And it makes no difference
The rivers can run where they please
They can keep the stars and mountains and seas
Cause you are the world to me, baby


I can't control it
I've got to show it
How can I let go?
When I'm holding the world in my hands
I know this feeling is all I need, babe
You make me complete
You're the world to me

[Chorus: Repeats]

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