Rufus Wainwright Vibrate Lyrics

Artist: Rufus Wainwright
Publishers: ©Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.
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Album: Track 7 on Want One
Length: 2:44

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My phone's on vibrate for you
Electroclash is karaoke to
I tried to dance to Britney Spears
I guess I'm getting on in years

My phone's on vibrate for you
God knows what all these new drugs do
I guess to have no more fears
But still I always end up in tears

My phone's on vibrate for you
But still I never ever feel from you
Pinocchio's now a boy who wants to turn
Back into a toy
So call me, call me in the morning
Call me in the night, so call me
Call me anytime you like
My phone's on vibrate for you, for you
Rufus Wainwright's Vibrate album cover
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