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Artist: Ryan Leslie Lyrics
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Album: Track 11 on Just Right
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[VERSE 1:]
Said I can't really hide it, I'm so excited
The feelin' came back when I saw U tonite, and
Meaning to find out how U been doin' lately
Our time apart's been driving me crazy
Girl, I wanna know have U found affection
Or, do we still have a love connection
I been thru searches other people, but
It never worked I had to leave 'em
Finally now I ran into U
Look just the same as U did in school
You ain't really changed, girl, you're still a cutie
Nah, I take it back now you're more of a beauty
Me, I been good, I'm more secure now
Still a kid at heart, but I'm more mature now
And if you have an open weekend
Let's catch up girl I'm hopin' we can
I wanna get back to the love, girl
I wanna get back to the love we had
I wanna get back to the love girl
I wanna get back to the love
Back to the love
[VERSE 2:]
Hush, close your eyes let me paint the picture
Things I should've done back when I was with U
Girl, should've cooked, should've made U breakfast
Should've put the down on that diamond necklace
Girl, should've know girl that one day maybe
You would be the one I wanna have my baby
So I'm askin U please, do it for me babe
Would U do it for me
Anything U want or need to be happy
Girl I'll do it for U, U don't gotta ask me
Anything to keep you smiling and laughing
Girl I'll do it for U, U don't gotta ask me
Even if you don't know exactly
Girl I'll do it for U, U don't gotta ask me
Honey what I'm try'na say
I wanna get back in the baddest way
This is what I call a comeback song
A song where U come back to your senses
And realize U may have walked away
From the best thing in your life
How's a perfect time to call, I know all got cell phones
Pick up the phone
Let her know

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