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Artist: S Club 8 Lyrics
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Album: Track 10 on Together
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I thought i'd write it in a letter,
as im to shy to say to you i guess
i should have known better
but i domt know what else to do

Im on my way,no turning back so take
me in your arm's and then we'll be right on track

i wrote tese word's to you to tell you
just what you mean to me,i hope you
like these lines cause i love you even
mor than yesterday and all i say to you
is true will you return to me i'll wait and
see cause all i need is you only you

(it's only you)

You held me through the stormyest
wether your what i need to gide me
through without you nothing else matters
your something i look forward to

you make my day no holding back
so take me in your
arm's then we'll be right on track


(it must be till it's true for me it's not the end)



girls:it's only you
girls:it's only you

(repeat to fade)

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