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Album: Track 7 on Tears and Blood
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[lyrics: Eugeny Rizhenok]
Winding way takes me to the river,
Summer smell of pinewood,
Feeds and wakes my memory.
I already hear a waltz of meadow voices
My meeting will mean beginning...
I'm looking into the sky
And listening as the clouds speak
"We are so beautiful" they say to me
They are inviting me.
But I can't raise to you
"get to know yourself", and you will raise
I cry because I don't know guess
"We're you so you're we", they say to me
So I wonderful cloud and I am eternal
I remove into the distance by the will of the wind
By the will of a free wind
Which was born in space
The beautiful birds arise before my face
I feel pride for my sense
And the world of Earth is before me.
Goodbye my beautiful friend
And my past love
Yes I want to forget my dreams
And sorrowful screams
The beautiful birds arise before my face
I feel pride for my sense
My soul merge with NATURE...
Invisible threads warp me up...
Goodbye my flowers and woods
And my past love...

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