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Xia zhe yu rang chen qi xi shi hui yi
Wo kao zhe ni bu chu shen yin
Kan zhe ni kan zhe ban ba de tian mi
Ai ni kun zhu ni ye kun zhu wo zi ji
Wo na duo ye duo bu diao de wei miao shang kou
Wen wen zuo tong
Ni na jie ye jie bu diao de tian mi jie kou
Ye rang wo jing shen fu xiu
Shuo ni ai wo bian cheng yi zhong wen hou
Bu ru cheng zao fang shou
Ba ai sui luo rang man di xian hong
Shuo ni ai wo bian cheng yi zhong zhe mo
Bu yong pei wo zou dao zui hou
Wo cheng dan bu qi de cheng nuo
The rain brings back memories
I quietly lean against you
Looking at your sweetness
Trapping myself in your love
That unavoidable wound
Keeps hurting
That uncurable sweetness
Causes me to become decadent
Saying I love you becomes a moment
Why not let go
Let love shatter into a mess of red on the ground
No need to accompany me to the end
I cannot carry your promises
Thanks to Chester

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