Sacrifice - As the World Burns Lyrics

Artist: Sacrifice Lyrics
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Album: Track 1 on Soldiers of Misfortune
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Extermination of our planet's fertility
The world in danger, no one will realize
We go forward to termination, endless compromise

With no concern
The sun destroys
As the world burns

Disintegration of the ozon layer,
Worldly cremation, lethal burning rays

All wars will be forgotten
When the sun will scorch the earth
The effects on humanity will not allow rebirth
Skin cancer lake a plague
Too late to turn back
The green world once ours
Has now turned black
All wars will be forgotten
With global warming trends
The flooding of the coasts
Bring us close to an end
The earth becoming deserts
No second chance
We will become exposed
And watch the world turn to black

Extermination of our planet's fertility
The world has changed, finally realized
Forward to termination, no more compromise

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